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Ayurveda Treatments Bangalore, India

Ayurveda Treatments Bangalore, India?

AyurvedaGram, as the name suggests, offers various types of Ayurvedic treatment, to both inpatients and outpatients. Apart from regular treatment for routine ailments as well as chronic diseases, AyurvedaGram also offers a host of specialized therapeutic treatments to maintain good health. At AyurvedaGram, the ayurvedic therapeutic programs are directed towards curing not just the symptoms of the disease, but the basic health problems or imbalances.

Super Speciality

The approach in Ayurveda is preventive and tries to cure the ailment not the symptoms. Ayurveda considers indigestion to be the root cause of almost all the diseases. So proper management of digestive impairment in the initial stage itself prevents the onset of many other major illnesses in later stages of life.

Other Ayurvedic Treatments

These treatments primarily help to eliminate the excessively accumulated toxins, which are the root cause of various disorders and ailments afflicting the human body, and also boost the body’s internal immune system to fight such accumulations. The treatments are generally designed for a duration of 7/14/21 days, but they can be varied according to the specific requirements of an individual.

The following programs basically help in nourishing the body, revitalizing the nervous system, overcoming fatigue, promoting sound sleep, improving the sense of well being and increasing work efficiency. These programs take care of the problems effecting working professionals and executives-like Spondylitis, lower back pain, stress, Carpal tunnel syndrome, blurred vision and other eye problems, sleep disorder, digestive problems etc.

Ayurvedagram offers different types of Ayurvedic treatments. Specific Ayurvedic treatments offered include:

1. Arthritis treatment: Treatment for joint pain due to arthritis is provided through various therapies to provide relief from pain, inflammation and stiffness of joints. The use of herbal sudation therapies with oils, powders with the prescribed diet helps in Ayurveda treatments of arthritis.

2. Diabetes: This is a serious lifestyle disorder (known in Ayurveda as Madhumeha) that can lead to organ failure if not treated. The use of therapies, Yoga, and a specific diet can help in managing diabetes. Herbal remedies are proved effective in controlling high blood sugar levels and protecting the body. Besides our doctors provide a customised guidance in the modification of lifestyle which is very much a requirement to help contain the impact of this metabolic disorder.

3. Low back pain: This has become a common problem due to poor posture and leading a sedentary lifestyle. Low back pain can be severe and can affect the quality of life. Ayurvedic treatments use therapies like Kati Vasti and Patrapotala Sweda that can help provide relief from back pain. The use of herbal oils for these therapies and effective diet and lifestyle changes can treat low back pain.

4. Infertility and impotence: Couples who desire children would be shattered when one of them is infertile or if the man is impotent. Therapies offered at Ayurvedagram can treat infertility and impotence. Rejuvenation therapies can help correct imbalance in the Doshas (primary functional energies). This, along with herbal remedies and aphrodisiacs made from natural ingredients can help treat various functional abnormalities that lead to primary and secondary infertility. Yoga, dietary changes, and lifestyle changes are suggested to treat this condition.

5. Obesity: Obese people are at high risk of developing serious diseases. Ayurveda provides a safe and gentle treatment option to lose weight at a steady pace during the treatment period, but more so after the treatment period, provided the recommendations of your physicians pertaining to diet and lifestyle are being followed. Panchakarma treatments done at our centre can help reduce weight by getting rid of excess fat gradually and steadily. Massage therapy, purgation, enemas, a strict diet, Yoga, and the use of herbal medicines can help in initiating a process to achieve the desired body weight..

6. Depression: Depression can be treated through therapies that help the body to relax, which in turn helps the mind to relax. Therapies and herbal remedies help to calm down a person and improve the mood, which can help manage depression better. Specific herbal preparations as prescribed by your treating doctor and used as Abyangam and Shirodhara and other therapies that would help optimize the functions of the neurotransmitters in the brain will also work towards in having a positive outlook towards life.

Reach out to us to understand how Ayurvedagram can help you or your loved one experience relief from the above discomforts.