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How Can Back Pain Be Treated with Ayurveda?

How Can Back Pain Be Treated with Ayurveda?

What Is Back Pain And What Causes Back Pain?

Back pain is pain along the spine or its adjoining muscles. It could be caused by a variety of reasons ranging from poor posture, prolapsed intervertebral disc, strained muscles or ligaments, inflammation of the pelvic joints or even chronic constipation.

Ayurveda can help you here! There are various types of Ayurvedic treatment for lower back pain and also for upper back pain based on your body type and your Doshas. Keep reading for more details. 

What are the Types of Back Pain?

Back pain can occur suddenly (acute) or develop gradually and return regularly (chronic). Back pain makes life difficult by limiting mobility.

Back pain can be classified depending on the section of the spine where it occurs.

The spine is divided into:

  • Cervical: the vertebrae of the neck
  • Thoracic: the vertebrae of the upper back
  • Lumbar: lower back

Some people refer to the area above the hips and below the ribs as the middle back. Pain in the neck and lower back are common as these are the parts of the spine that people flex a lot. Improper posture or muscle strain is the most common cause of pain in these regions.

Common causes of back pain are:

  • Poor posture
  • Improper lifting techniques
  • Muscle spasm, strain or sprain
  • Slipped disc
  • Lumbar spondylosis
  • Being overweight
  • Having a sedentary lifestyle
  • Stress
  • Pregnancy
  • Smoking
  • Facet Arthropathy
  • Sacroiliitis
  • Ankylosing spondylitis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Injury or trauma

Pain in the middle and upper back could be caused by reasons other than muscle stress or posture and could indicate other health issues. Some of the health problems that cause back pain are pelvic inflammatory disease, digestive issues, renal calculi, or chronic cystitis among others.


Ayurvedic Perspective On Back Pain

Ayurveda defines improper posture while standing, sitting or lying down, Vata vitiating diets and regimen as a reason Vata Dosha to be imbalanced creating bone and muscle weakness.

Inefficient or improper digestion causes the production of a metabolic waste called Ama. This collects in the body and causes health problems. Ama collected over a long time becomes Amavisha, which is a highly toxic form of Ama. When this affects the joints of the body, along with vitiation of Kapha and Pitta, pain and inflammation are seen.

What Are The Ayurvedic Treatment Options For Back Pain?

Ayurvedic therapy for health issues is holistic and not symptomatic. Instead of the treatment of specific symptoms, Ayurveda looks at the body as a whole that has to be rebalanced and restored to good health.

The first step in Ayurvedic therapy for back pain is to maintain the equilibrium of the Doshas and help detoxify the person. Ayurvedic treatment for lower back pain also focuses on helping the person maintain the correct posture at all times.

 Removal of toxins from the body is achieved through Panchakarma treatment for back pain. This is the fivefold application of therapies to remove the Ama from the body. It also helps slow the further degeneration of the bones, nerves and cartilage in the back area. The type of Panchakarma or therapy depends on the severity of the back pain. Some of the therapies used for Ayurvedic treatment for lower back pain are

  • Basthi/Vasthi or Enema
  • Podikkizhi: This is a poultice that is made with a Podi or mixture of powdered herbs in a linen bag
  • Elakizhi: This is the application of a heated herbal leaves in linen bags on the painful site
  • Abhyanga or herbal oil massage, Kati Vasti (using a dough ring) and Njavrakizhi 

The practice of Pranayama helps to maintain the Doshas. Ayurvedic doctors prescribe Anulom Viloma or alternate nostril breathing to balance the Vata Dosha. Yoga poses or Asanas help to increase flexibility, de-stress and aid in good health.

When the pain at the affected site is due to inflammation, Ayurvedic therapies include herbal formulations, diet and therapy to reduce the inflammation. The Vata imbalance is also helped to be reduced through internal and external herbal formulations. Ayurvedic home remedies for back pain include herbs and spices that help maintain the Vata Dosha.

The seat of the Vata Dosha is the colon. Therefore Ayurvedic treatment for upper back pain and lower back pain not only prescribes oral supplements but also the use of herbal enema to help correct the Vata Dosha. This is called Vasthi and is one of the Panchakarma therapies. When the Vata Dosha is balanced it helps to strengthen the joints and bones thereby helping in relieving pain.

Abhyanga or herbal oil massage is performed on the painful area. Another effective and best Ayurvedic treatment for back pain is the Kati Vasti. This traditional method uses a ring of dough that is placed on the back. This dough sticks to the skin and forms a watertight enclosure into which warm herbal oil is poured. Vata is a cold and dry Dosha and the warmth of the oil counters the coldness that causes the pain. The herbs in the oil are chosen for the specific type of inflammation or pain that the person is suffering from.

Further, the application of heat through warm pads and a warm flat and firm bed relax and relieve back pain. For severe cases of back pain, Agnikarma is useful Ayurvedic therapy. This traditional therapy uses a form of thermal micro cautery to heat specific areas of the spine and relieve pain. 

The digestion of a person is central to their health as per the principles of Ayurveda. So, Ayurvedic treatment for lower back pain also advocates certain dietary changes. Cold and refrigerated foods should be strictly avoided in favour of warm food. 

Back Pain Treatment At Ayurvedagram

At Ayurvedagram we relieve different types of back pain through centuries-old proven Ayurvedic methods. Our team of expert Ayurvedic doctors and therapists consider your entire Dosha as well as the specific back pain causing issues to formulate customised and the best Ayurvedic treatment for back pain for you. 

We help you regain your good health through an all-around therapy plan that includes diet, Ayurvedic massage for back pain, Panchakarma treatment for back pain and other therapies as required. Look no further than Ayurvedagram for traditional therapeutic relief from back pain issues.