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Special Offers

Day Tour 2018

Day Tour 2018 : Kerala cottages of the 18th and 19th century, the Queen's Palace of the Royal Aranmula Family (now our Reception Block), a serene lotus pond where a fountain plays.... and amid this setting, authentic Ayurveda delivered with belief and passion.

Sundara Vadana : Sundara Vadana facial is a specially created package just for you. Called so to mean Beautiful Face, it is an enchanting experience as your face is massaged and every muscle relaxes and pores open. You will find the skin cleansed of all the ill effects of the sun and dust and pollution that we are exposed to.

Fragrant Rose Water is first used to cleanse your face and calms your skin while you relax on your back. Enjoy the experience as carrot seed oil, an antioxidant with an earthy aroma which is very rejuvenating and calming.

Male Grooming

Male Grooming : Ayurvedic grooming rituals are designed to make everyone feel good about themselves, so that the essential inner radiance shines out, irrespective of age.

This 100% natural, male ritual counters the effects of stress, high testosterone (which gives dry skin), razor cuts and burns to the face, dead dull skin and general fatigue.

Lavanya Angana : AyurvedaGram Heritage Wellness Centre Pvt. Ltd. is one of the most awarded ayurveda centre is recognised as the best amongst wellness centres in India.

AyurvedaGram offers a blissful experience of a magnificent heritage resort, with exclusive ancestral buildings, mansion & palace, which is as old as 150 -170 years.

Hair Care Program

Hair Care Program : Princely Indian families, followed very elaborate beauty rituals to look after their skin and hair. Maximum benefits in grooming could only be obtained if the ritual itself was enjoyed in a totally relaxed state of being.

All products were not only natural, but freshly made. From reading and experimenting with various natural options, Ayurvedagram is finally ready to offer a luxurious experience of hair and scalp care- the Ayurvedic way.

Feel like a Queen : Beauty rituals of the Royal families of Kerala, derived from Ayurveda forms the signature beauty treatment offered by Ayurvedagram as an optional extra to its guests.

`Feel Like a Queen' is a 3 hour ritual which can either be indulged in as a Day Spa experience in a single luxurious day or if a resident of Ayurvedagram can be spread over 3 days in 3 totally pampered segments of time.

Bliss at Your Feet

Bliss at Your Feet : Here at Ayurvedagram, we offer you a unique combination of Ayurveda with detailed pedicure to ensure that your skin is left soft and well tended to and alive! After thorough research we have picked some unique and effective ingredients to ensure that at the end of the 45 minutes your feet feel rejuvenated.