Life resembles a rollercoaster ride. There may be ups and downs, laughter and sadness, financial crises, work burdens, and losing your favourite things! Celebration or grieving can withdraw your emotions to a certain extent. At least some of us depend on alcohol or drugs for these! Maybe it is a promotion, layoff, office party, or family function; it ends with a shot of drinks or a puff of a cigarette.

These habits can hijack your body and mind, leading to a loss of control and a state of dependency. They pull down your emotions, destroy your vital organs, and invite you to self-destruction. The withdrawal phase can be most challenging with unending suffering and physical ailments.


Ayurvedic philosophers from the ancient period detailed addiction by the name ‘Visha’ or ‘toxins.’ The toxins possess characteristics opposite to ojas, the essence of vitality, and slowly deteriorate the individual's health.

Addiction is a condition that affects your brain and behaviour. With addiction, you get enslaved, controlling your physical and emotional character. Tobacco addicts suffer from respiratory diseases, COPD, lung and heart cancer. They can stain teeth, cause foul breath, and cause premature ageing. Alcohol addicts battle with liver disorders at their end stage. Furthermore, their brain got damaged, resulting in emotional instability, memory loss, and fractured relations.

Drug addiction causes mood swings, hallucinations, and impaired judgments. Reflections from addiction mirror society with financial burdens, strained relations, decline in productivity, and higher crimes and accidents.

Healing Principles in Ayurveda

  1. Dietary enhancements
    Diet remains the first line of treatment in Ayurveda. An organic diet enriched with Satvic properties will enhance your analytical ability and mental power. Choose from milk, moong, old rice, ghee, etc.
  2. Enhanced emotional and physical well-being
    • Yogic postures and pranayama enhance the Satvic guna of the mind. Regular postures and exercises calm the mind and restore emotional balance.
    • Herbs and formulations soothe the body and soul. Herbs such as Jatamamsi, Jyotismathi, Ginger, Pepper, etc ease withdrawal symptoms, improve cognitive capabilities, combat depression, and restore physical wellness.
    • Kerala Panchakarma therapies cleanse the body and flush out the accumulated toxins. They further help fight withdrawal symptoms.
  3. Safeguarding Ojas - Ojas, the body's vitality, rules our immunity, strength, and happiness. It is diminished by consuming alcohol and other substances. Ayurvedic supplements and therapies are prescribed for the same.
  4. Rejuvenating body and senses
    Rasayana, one of the eight branches of Ayurveda, emphasises rejuvenation and renewal of the body. It is a collective name for diet and rituals, Ayurvedic treatments, and medicines to promote metabolism and extend life. Rasayana therapies are customised to individual needs and targeted at achieving inner harmony.


Ayurvedagram adopts an integrated healing solution incorporating cleansing therapies and rehabilitation methods to prioritise holistic well-being. Our approach involves regaining the equilibrium by balancing the body and mind and preventing the further consequences of addiction. Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatments, Yogic postures, Meditation and Relaxation techniques, herbs, personalised diet, and behaviour are tailored for individuals battling with alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and other sorts of addictions.

Our comprehensive de-addiction package starts with a brief consultation with our seasoned physicians, where a detailed assessment is done, and a customised treatment schedule is planned, including therapies and formulations. The de-addiction package aims to flush out toxins and restore internal harmony. The package considers yoga and meditation to help manage withdrawal symptoms, reduce stress, ease the mind, and restore emotional balance.

The de-addiction package offers internal herbal formulations and supplements, diet and lifestyle, and Panchakarma treatments like Abhyanga, Shiro Abhyanga, Shirodhara, Takra dhara, Talam, etc. These procedures help with the withdrawal of symptoms and enjoy a rejuvenated state. These methods work on the signs and help establish holistic well-being for a long time.

At Ayurvedagram, our de-addiction treatment approach is established with the interconnection between the body and soul. Therapies, including Takra Dhara, Abhyanga, Shiro Abhyanga, Shiro Dhara, and Talam, assist in removing toxins from your body and revitalising it. Balancing your elemental essence, gain control over physical ailments. An organic diet with sattvic properties aids proper digestion and nourishes your senses.

Yoga sessions, which include asanas, breathing exercises, and meditation, contribute to heightened awareness, self-control, and regaining balance. Recreational activities and natural walks are encouraged to ease withdrawal symptoms.

Retrieve your life from the darkness of addiction with our specialised De-addiction Package! Embrace yourself in the serenity of Ayurvedagram to nurture your holistic health. At Ayurvedagram, we dedicate ourselves to the healing legacy of 80 years!

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