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Dr. Harsha Nair is a Senior Consultant Physician at Ayurvedagram, Bengaluru. She has over 9+ yrs of experience with expertise in gynecological issues, infertility, and mental health issues.

Dr. Harsha Nair, BAMS, MSc Psychology

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A Sri Kalabyraveshwara Swamy Ayurvedic Medical College and Research Centre graduate with 8+ years of experience in clinical Ayurveda. He's renowned for treating chronic diseases and has administered Panchakarma to over 2000 patients.

Dr. Arun Gopinath Menon

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With over 8 years of extensive clinical experience he specializes in treating chronic conditions like neurological disorders, varicose veins, psoriasis, and Parkinson’s disease using advanced Ayurvedic techniques.

Dr. Yadu Krishnan Namboothiri

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