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Ayurvedic Treatment for Sinusitis

Ayurveda Treatment for Sinusitis Bangalore India

Sinuses are the mucous lined air spaces in the facial bones that communicate with the nose. When they get inflamed the main symptoms produced are headache, heaviness, tenderness over the affected regions, leading to sinusitis.

This inflammatory condition of the sinuses is diagnosed as Dushta Prathishyayam in Ayurveda. The treatment for sinusitis consists of internal herbal medicines and therapies like Nasyam (nasal drops) with specific medications which are intended to relieve infection. The treatments support the positive health of the respiratory system and thus prevent it from reoccurring to a great extent. Certain specific lifestyle and diet patterns will also be advised, which plays an important role in preventing it re-occurrence.

Nasya an effective Panchakarma treatment removes the accumulated toxins from the head region and provides a long-term relief. Internal medicines also aid in pacifying the aggravated toxins in the affected region.

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