Neurology Care


Imagine staying immobilised for a day.
Would you prefer not to feel any sensations for a day?
We cannot imagine not wriggling, jiggling, and feeling desensitised for even a second.
The nervous system comprises all the nerves in our bodies that initiate our movements, make us feel sensations like pain, and keep us agile with our reflex movements.

Therefore, neurology care is an umbrella term used to prioritise a healthy nervous system and ways to maintain its balance or improvise its actions.

How does the nervous system lose its agility?

Our bodies consist of a delicate chain of 12 pairs of cranial nerves and 32 pairs of spinal nerves. Each nerve is eminent in its ways, supplying a specific area. Each nerve passes through the spinal cord and moves to a particular region in the body. These nerves initiate the slightest of the movements that we make. From carrying the message from the site to the brain and relaying the response movement from the brain to the action area, nothing is possible without these minuscule nerves.

There are innumerable possibilities wherein the nervous system can get damaged or injured. It is after this injury that we feel different degrees of pain.

One of the primary reasons we feel pain is when the nerves get injured. That could happen in any way. The spinal nerves may undergo impingement due to disc prolapse or even due to degeneration of the spine. Therefore, the impingement results in pain at the site where the nerve supply predominantly occurs.

Other ways by which the nerves can get injured are during accidents, falls, or even minor injuries. The damage could be trivial to drastic and accordingly affects the site of nerve supply.

Now that we have an idea regarding the eminence of the nervous system let us find out the methods by which we can rectify the damages.

Ayurveda for neurology care

Ayurveda's distinct practices and beliefs are known to all, which makes it different. According to Ayurveda, the body stands tall as it constitutes the tridosha- vata, pitta, kapha, and sapta dhatu ( tissue elements). There are various other beliefs and protocols of treatment that make Ayurveda peculiar.

Coming to neurology care, Ayurveda has an impressive history of dealing with neurology and enhancing its functions.

To revive the functions of the damaged nervous system, Ayurveda tries to rejuvenate the nerves and bring them back to normalcy. Some of the ayurvedic methods in such cases are Abhyangam (massage), local or full body massage with or without oil, rejuvenates the body, activates the nerves, and improves nerve and blood supply. Agnikarma (thermal cauterization) can trigger the nerves and improve their functions in cases like sciatica ayurvedic treatment, diabetic neuropathy ayurvedic treatment, carpal tunnel syndrome, and plantar fasciitis.

Dhara, pouring medicated liquid over the body can significantly alleviate pain and strengthen the underlying muscles and nerves. Udwartana (powder massage) has had spectacular results in conditions like Parkinsonism wherein the massage improves the strength and vitality of nerves and muscles, and shiro basti (retaining medicated oils in the head for a specific period) calms the jittery nerves, relaxes the mind, and nourishes the body.

Apart from the treatments mentioned above, a plethora of other procedures, like panchakarma therapies are done at Ayurvedagram, and internal medicines can be combined to enhance the outcome of the condition. The conglomeration of treatments largely depends upon the patient's condition and the disease.

Ayurvedagram for neurology care

Ayurvedagram uses traditional Ayurvedic treatment for neuropathy to treat its patients. It brings the ethical practices of ancient Ayurveda into modern times to provide relief to its patients. Beginning with approaching the patient with the right kind of care and support and then leading them on specific consultations to help them choose curated packages designed specifically for their plethora of conditions,

In the case of neurology care, the physicians at Ayurvedagram precisely diagnose the condition, chart out the possible treatments, and plan diet for each of their patients concerning their disease condition and body constitution.

Ayurvedagram performs procedures like Dhara, abhyanga, vasti, and other panchakarma therapy with utmost precision and care. Come and experience the care at our unique location!

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