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Drive away from the city lights of Bangalore, to Whitefield ... and arrive at AyurvedaGram Heritage Wellness Center. As you drive in through the classic gates of AyurvedaGram, you enter a whole new world of ethnic charm. Taking you back by over 75 years-to Kerala`s antique Nalukettus, Kovilakams (Palace), Manas & Illams- the traditional homes of Kerala. We have carefully transplanted these ethereal homes of Kerala`s high and mighty, brick by brick, woodwork and all, to Bangalore-and recreated the royalty of Kerala, exclusively for your unique experience. Since inception, AyurvedaGram-the Heart of Healing-has become internationally reputed for authentic Ayurveda treatments and long term rejuvenation programs. Scientific implementation of pure traditional knowledge in a professional way, acceptable to the modern world is the secret behind this recognition. A perfect blend of time-honored diagnostic methods including pulse diagnosis, conventional therapies and effective herbal medicines from Kerala Ayurveda Limited (KAL), customized Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation and balanced vegetarian diet as per the classical Ayurveda scriptures is the core program at AyurvedaGram.

The serene 7 acres of sprawling lush greenery with more than 200 species of rare medicinal herbs creates a tranquil refreshing atmosphere where the guest won`t feel that he is in a hospital! The entire campus has been designed to provide a healing atmosphere and ethnic ambience by physically transplanting various heritage houses and structures from Kerala, which recapture the rich architectural splendor and natural surroundings of that region. AyurvedaGram is an effort to provide authentic Ayurveda experience-the Ayurvedagram experience-in the splendid settings of the land, where it has been practiced for centuries. These have been aesthetically furnished to suit the needs of our valuable clients who came for better health and hospitality, naturally!

Ayurvedagram is an Ayurvedic treatment centre where various traditional treatments and therapies are offered. It is a Panchakarma centre where the renowned and traditiional Panchakarma therapy is administered to patients. People of all ages, suffering from diseases, disorders, and ailments require a holistic treatment that involves therapies, Yoga, meditation, and a healthy diet. Our ayurvedic therapy centre in Bangalore offers all this for patients.

Anyone who feels tired or exhausted due to work-related stress or any other issues can visit our Ayurvedic Panchakarma centre to undergo this therapy that cleanses toxins from the body leaving the body and mind rejuvenated. It is a refreshing break amidst nature`s lap where you can experience the goodness of Ayurveda while leading a healthy life and plan to help sustain this in your familiar setting back home. Panchakarma treatment is offered as an in-house treatment where you stay at the Ayurvedic therapy centre for 10 days to three weeks. The treatment will leave you feeling refreshed and recharged so you are ready to go back to face the challenges of work and life.

Panchakarma treatment involves three stages:

1. Purvakarma:

This is the preparatory stage where Snehana massage and Swedana (sweating) is done to remove toxins from the body to prepare for the therapy. This treatment moves the toxins to the digestive tract for elimination.

2. Pradhan Karma:

This is the main therapy where different treatments, as prescribed by your physician, are administered. This includes Vamana (vomiting), Virechana (Purgation), Basti (enema), Nasya (removal of toxins from the sinuses), and Rakta Moksha (blood letting). The treatments ensure toxins are removed and Doshas are balanced.

3. Paschat Karma:

This is the post-treatment stage that involves making lifestyle and dietary changes to get adjusted to a normal routine. During this stage, gradually solid food is introduced to the diet since fasting and liquid food is used through the therapy. The practice of Yoga, Pranayama, meditation is made a part of the daily routine so that it can be continued post-therapy to get the best benefits of this therapy.

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