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Go back over 75 years in time, into the world of Ayurvedagram Heritage Wellness Retreat – one of India’s acknowledged Ayurveda and Yoga Resorts, on the outskirts of Bangalore. This is a peaceful, deeply spiritual Ayurvedic Health Resort. It weaves a gentle magic through Ayurvedic Remedies, Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama, a Vegetarian Ayurvedic Diet and a full range of natural Herbal Ayurveda treatments.

The 9 acres of this Ayurvedic Health Spa are lush with greenery, filled with birdsong.

Interspersed among the medicinal plants and shrubs, flowers and fruit trees, guests live in early 18th and 19th century Manas, translocated piece by piece from Kerala.

Modern amenities like air conditioning, cable TV, wifi and attached bathrooms blend with the old world beauty of the rooms.

Ramp access exists for 2 living spaces in the ‘gram, one of which leads to a special room created for patients with mobility issues.

Areas like Silent Spaces (for creative work) and the library allow people to relax during breaks in the Health Regime. Appropriate films (every Monday evening), lectures and talks on Ayurveda and Yoga occasionally and sometimes a Classical dance or music performance also widen the experience.

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Even the restaurant, Suruchi, is crafted on Ayurvedic principles, with 3 sides open to natural beauty, and a high raftered roof placed largely on carved stone pillars.

The mantra is Balance: of Body, Mind and Spirit. So, people from around the world come to Ayurvedagram (earlier the Ayurgram Health Resort) for specific Health Issues like Arthritis, Digestive Issues, Diabetes, Hypertension, Depression, Insomnia or for a simple Rejuvenation, a Panchakarma or De-stressing.

This Ayurvedic and Yoga Village has Ayurvedic Physicians, a Yoga faculty, Therapists who deliver over 45 Kerala Therapies, a Yoga and Meditation Center, a Vegetarian Restaurant and a Treatment Center.

It is today one of the Top Ten Healing Retreats in India.

Treatments Offered for

Arthritis Lower backache Obesity Diabetes Depression Infertility & Impotency Psoriasis Sinusitis Spondylosis Constipation Digestive Disorders Hairfall / Dandruff / Graying Headache Hyperacidity Hypertension Oily Skin / Pimples Respiratory Disorder Ulcers

Timeless Heritage

Ayurvedagram Kayamkulam Ayurveda Wellness Resort in Bangalore India
Ayurvedagram Kootumkal Cottage Heritage Suite
Ayurvedagram Aluva
Ayurvedagram Muhamma Heritage Suite
Ayurvedagram Aranmula Palace Reception
Ayurvedagram Neelor Mana
Ayurvedagram Nalamuttam Suite
Ayurvedagram Kuroor Mana
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