Weight Reduction


Battle of the bulge

Unhealthy food is the bane of modern-day life. That coupled with a sedentary life that is so common nowadays adds to the accumulation of fat and the accompanying illnesses that come with it. Obesity is described in Ayurveda as Medo Roga or Sthoulyata. It is identified by the increase of weight through the increase of fat in the abdominal region, thighs, arms, and around the chest. Obesity has become a lifestyle disorder due to the lack of exercise and improper diet with less healthy food and more junk food. Weight loss is the only way out. What happens if the condition is neglected is that it manifests in the form of hypertension, diabetes, poor self-esteem, osteoporosis and so much more.

Weight loss treatment at Ayurvedagram can help in treating obesity by reducing weight through natural treatments and lifestyle changes. Undergoing a weight loss program in Bangalore at our Ayurvedic wellness centre can help treat obesity in a natural, safe, and effective way. If you are from the Garden City, our Ayurvedic weight loss treatments in Bangalore program can help treat obesity in a holistic way. Diet, physical activities like Yoga, lifestyle changes, and the use of Ayurvedic medicines form the main components of our Ayurvedic weight loss program.

Some of the treatment options used in our program for Ayurvedic weight loss in Bangalore are:

  • Using herbal medicines like Guggulu, Triphala, and Tumeric to help with the weight loss process by removing toxins from the body

  • Undergoing cleansing and rejuvenation therapies like Panchakarma and massages to help improve metabolism

  • Diet is the most important component of a program for Ayurvedic weight loss treatment. Kapha is known to reduce appetite that in turn can help in weight loss. The diet must also help reduce Vata Dosha. The recommended diet in this case is food that is dry, contains less oil, and is light. More fruits and vegetables must be consumed. Processed and refined foods should be strictly avoided. The use of spices like turmeric, cinnamon, pepper, ginger, and coriander is strongly recommended.

    One of the factors that help in maintaining optimal body weight, but often ignored, is a regimented daily physical activity. A good night’s sleep refreshes the body and helps to improve body metabolism to help reduce unwanted fat.

    Yoga can help reduce weight. The Suryanamaskara (sun salutation) must be a part of the daily routine. Exercise and regular physical activity help manage weight. Meditation and Pranayama help to relax the mind, which improves metabolism.

    At Ayurvedagram, you will go through a specific treatment to ensure that the excess fat is reduced and the metabolism is corrected. The body channels get cleared with our therapies and you will get a renewed boost of energy. For weight loss, we have a specific treatment with a deep dry massage using herbal powders and pastes. We will also give synchronized massage with specific oils and steam baths, which will help loosen the accumulated fat. This along with a specially designed diet and regular walking will help reduce weight. We also bring in Yoga as a strong addition to the weight loss program since the asanas and pranayama both help in weight loss and strengthening the body.

    Ayurveda Weight Reduction Treatment Program Bangalore India