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Kati Vasti Kerala Ayurveda Therapy Bangalore India

Back pain is a common health problem that most people experience at various stages of their lives. Improper posture, lack of physical activity, and being overweight can aggravate this problem that turns into a chronic condition. Ayurveda offers a range of treatments for back pain. Kati Vasti treatment is one of the most effective therapies specifically meant to treat backache. Kati means the lower back and Vasti means retention.

Kati Vasti is a part of the Panchkarma treatment that cleanses and rejuvenates the body. It is a lumbosacral therapy performed using heat and oil to pacify Vata dosha. This helps to treat inflammation, stiffness, and pain in the back area.

Kati Vasti Ayurveda treatment method:

The thick dough is prepared using the black gram paste. The shape of the dough mould could be either circular, oval or rectangular as per the back area where the patient is having pain.

Once the patient lies down on the stomach, the dough is placed as a rim around the back.

The edges of the ring of dough are fixed to the back using water that protects it from slipping off. This is like creating a reservoir on the back to store oil.

The prescribed medicated oil (using herbs selected as per the prevailing dosha) is warmed and poured into the ring of dough.

The oil remains within the confinements of the dough mould. Eventually, the therapeutic properties of the oil permeate and reach the tissues.

The warmth of the oil is maintained by appropriate replenishment.

Kati Vasti benefits

During the therapy, the healing properties of herbal oils deeply nourish and strengthen the muscles, and maintain connective tissues. It also lubricates the joints keeping them flexible and pain-free. This therapy alleviates lower back conditions like lumbar spondylitis, intervertebral disc prolapses, lumbago (low backache), and sciatica.

This lumbosacral treatment helps to pacify Vata dosha. It relaxes the supporting musculature of the affected intervertebral joints. The treatment even improves blood circulation in the back area and can help in strengthening the intervertebral joint compartments. Further, Kati Vasti works as a preventive treatment to strengthen the spine and prevent back pain.


1. Can Kati Vasti be performed at home?

No. It is not an easy job to perform at home. Only a trained Ayurvedic therapist can perform the correct procedure.

2. What kind of oils are used for Kati Vasti?

Depending on the kind and the location of pain on your back, the oils are determined. Also, an Ayurvedic practitioner makes sure to add potent herbs in oils based on a person’s dosha.

3. What Is The Method Of Kati Vasti Treatment?

During the thirty minutes of Kati Vasti therapy, a patient must lay down with circular or oval-shaped black gram dough kept on the body rim. The dough contains oil that seeps into the body and helps nourish the tissue. The whole process helps relieve the pain and strengthen your spinal cord.

4. Does Kati Vasti treatment have any side effects?

Kati Vasti is an extremely efficient treatment that strengthens your spinal cord and helps you get relief from the existing pain. It makes your spine stronger and relaxes the back muscles. No side effects are associated with Kati Vasti treatment. Make sure you consult an experienced and trained Ayurvedic practitioner for the procedure.

5. Is Kati Vasti treatment painful?

There are no known side effects of the Kati Vasti treatment and this treatment relieves you from back pain and relaxes the muscles. However, it is advised to consult an Ayurvedic practitioner if you are worried about side effects.

6. Is it available in a package?

Yes, the Kati Vasti therapy package can be customized as per the type of back pain and your doshas. The specialists at Ayurvedagram will ensure you achieve maximum relief through the treatment package.

Only trained ayurvedic practitioners should perform Kati Vasti, such as the experts at Ayurvedagram. Visit our centre to know more about ayurvedic treatments and how they can help you.

Kati Vasti should be performed only by trained ayurvedic practitioners such as the experts here at Ayurvedagram. Visit our center or reach out to us to know more about ayurvedic treatments and how they can help you.

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