Spine & Joint Care


Pain free life

Spine and joint care is one of the most commonly heard request from people in todays day and age. Why though? The most obvious reason is our obsession with different gadgets. It is the sheer inertia within us to lead a more active lifestyle that leads to our spine and joints to be adversely affected. Phones and laptops often make us position ourselves in uncomfortably while looking at the screen. So people who spend more time in a sitting position are more prone to complaints like Cervical Spondylitis. We must make an effort to keep our joints active. You will otherwise notice degenerative conditions of the joints as you grow older with the accompanying pain and discomfort. You will often notice stiffness of the joints or pain transmitting down the shoulders and arms or fingers with tingling. Ayurveda fortunately is very effective in treating this particular complaint with very positive results. There are specific treatment schedules for taking care of these symptoms. Njavara kizhi, pizhichil, kati vasti are some of the treatment that helps alleviate pain. Ayurveda in combination with Yoga and other mild physical exercises can help treat this painful and debilitating illness. A healthy diet along with Ayurveda and Yoga can indeed give you relief from this painful ailment. At Ayurvedagram we see several guests coming in with Spine and Joint care needs.

Spine and Joint Care Treatment Ayurveda Program Bangalore India