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What is Panchakarma?

Panchakarma Treatment is a classic Ayurveda detoxification treatment and includes five major procedures. It is designed to purify the whole body by eliminating the accumulated toxins from it. The ideal duration for carrying out the Panchakarma is 14 days – 6 days for preparation, 1day purge and 7 days for the build-up and healthy lifestyle phase.

Who can go for Panchakarma Treatment?

The specialty of this treatment is that it can be administered both to a healthy, and an ailing person. When a healthy person is subjected to Panchakarma, it has a preventive, restorative and rejuvenative effect on the body, whilst for an ailing person, it has curative benefits.

Why Panchakarma at Ayurvedagram?

Panchakarma Therapies results in metabolism speeding up, purification of the blood, de-stressing and focusing the mind. It helps in weight loss mainly due to elimination of extra fat, results in glowing skin, thick hair and you feel calmer.

The Ayurvedagram Panchakarma process:

The three stages in Panchakarma are – Purva karma (Preparatory stage), Pradhana karma (Main Therapy) and Paschat karma (Rejuvenation).

Purva karma (Preparatory stage)

At the beginning of the therapy, the body is prepared for the actual process of elimination. This is done by the following processes, administered for the first 4 -5 days:

1. Deepana and Pachana
The purpose of these treatments is to keep the digestive fire at its best, by means of oral medication. Deepana helps in increasing the digestive power while Pachana digests the Ama (toxins).

2. Pizhichil (kayaseka)
Pizhichil includes Snehana (Oleation) and Swedana (Sudation). These are the most important preparatory measures prior to the Panchakarma therapy.

Snehana is done externally and internally. External Oleation (bahya snehana) includes various types of whole body therapies like Abhyanga (synchronized massage). Medicated ghee or oils are also administered orally for the purpose of internal oleation (snehapana). Both these methods lubricate the body channels and loosen the toxins accumulated in the body.
Sudation includes Njavarakizhi, Choorna swedamPathrapotala swedam etc. Apart from this, localized therapies like ShirodharaShirovastiGreeva vastiKati vasti,Netra tarpanam, Thailam and Lepanam can be also done in specific cases.

Pradhana karma (Main Therapy)

This therapy includes the following:

Paschat karma (Rejuvenation)

This stage includes proper nourishment, yoga and meditation. A special sathvik diet is consumed for nourishment. This food is composed of six colours in every meal having less oil and less salt, and is tasty. Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation assists in concentrating on yourself for a healthy lifestyle.

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