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Lifestyle Disease Management


Bane of modern age

With the busy schedule that we all lead in this modern day and age there are certain ailments that become part of our lives. These have been given the nomenclature of ‘Lifestyle Diseases”or “Diseases of Modern Civilization”. Issues like Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Hypertension and the associated complications that arise from this are often seen in patients. Ayurveda is very effective in handling these complaints and particularly in managing the different problems that arise from the stress and chaos of modern day living. We advice specific Ayurveda therapies along with herbal internal medicines to take help balance the body. Pranayama along with Yoga and Meditation are also used extensively to correct the problems and prevent any further complications. The doctor’s consultation is indepth as he analysis the patient and the possible causes for his complaints. Today we see so much of stress at the work level as well as while balancing personal life. Our food habits are erratic and unhealthy with tempting junk food and preservative laden processed food beckoning us. These are some of the reasons that contribute to the different complaints of managing lifestyle ailments.

Lifestyle Disease Ayurveda Management Program Bangalore India