Timless Heritage

The Travancore Room

Travancore Room

Situated in the historic Kuroor Mana, this room attempts to recreate the room of a Karanavar, the Male head of an aristocratic joint family in the Kingdom of Travancore, in 18th or 19th century Kerala.

Dominating the room is the oonjal, a beautifully carved traditional swing , on which to relax, meditate , read or simply be.

The room pays homage to the Kerala elephant, in an artwork on natural Tussore, depicting a temple elephant with its ritual forehead ornament, the glittering nettipattam. This is flanked by 2 ancient carved pieces of wood, reminders of Travancore’s once magnificent teak and rosewood forests.

These are memorialized again in the old carved sideboard near the swing- solid dark wood, intricately hand-carved and heavy. Ganesha on this sideboard is reclining- a sign that it is an art form rather than an idol to be worshiped. In Indian iconography, the reclining Ganesha is a symbol of luxury, comfort and wealth.

Comfortable, simple, refined and elegant…the Travancore room brings back to life the vocabulary of the Ayurvedic Way of Life in 18th and 19th century Kerala.

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