Timless Heritage

Nallamuttam Tharavadu

Nallamuttam Tharavadu

The Poet’s Cottage

Nallamuttam Tharavadu is an independent cottage made of teak and rosewood, was once owned by a renowned 19th century poet in Kerala, Sri Nallamuttam Padmanabha Pillai. An L-shaped house, along one arm of the house is a foyer supported on highly ornate pillars and carved ceiling. A deep rosewood sitting platform runs along an entire side of the foyer; this is actually a chest traditionally used to store rice.

The sit-out leads to the richly carved entrance through which is a small sitting room. This used to be the poet’s library. The bedroom is spacious, with a traditional vaulting roof and an en-suite bathroom overlooking a small private courtyard.

The Poet’s Cottage is arguably the cottage, most sought after by our regular guests.

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