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Njavarakizhi Ayurvedic Treatment Bangalore

Njavarakizhi Kerala Ayurveda Therapy Bangalore India

MethodNjavarakizhi therapy involves a generous amount of medicated oil being applied to the whole body. The body is then massaged with small cotton cloth boluses filled with cooked Njavara rice. The boluses are dipped in this regenerating mixture of cow’s milk and a brewed herbal decoction, and then applied all over the body to induce sudation (sweat). Njavara in Malayalam stands for the rice that grows in 60 days ; Kizhi stands for bolus. Njavara is an indigenous variety of rice grown in Kerala, having medicinal properties.

BenefitsNjavarakizhi treatment is highly rejuvenating, nourishing and prepares the individual to bear the stresses and strains of a busy lifestyle. It enhances physical consistency, strengthens the nervous system and improves the overall appearance of the skin. This is a strengthening treatment employed in neurological disorders, rheumatism, arthritis and malnutrition of limbs.

Duration – 45 minutes

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