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Herbal Steam Bath Kerala Ayurveda Therapy Bangalore India

Toxins can accumulate in the body due to various reasons. These toxins need to be removed to prevent any health problems. An Ayurvedic steam bath is a simple and effective therapy to cleanse the body of toxins. A herbal steam bath (known as Bashpa Swedana) involves sweating caused by steam. Such a steam bath can help remove toxins from the body. It is a part of the cleansing therapy done after a massage.

A steam bath in Ayurveda involves the use of a steam chamber. Herbs are used in the form of an oil to help remove toxins. The herbs for the steam bath have characteristics that help in correcting any imbalance in the Doshas (primary functional energies) of the body. The removal of toxins and correcting of Dosha imbalance helps to ensure a state of balance and good health.

Method – A Herbal Steam Bath treatment starts with a gentle application of warm herbal oil all over the body. Next, the individual is made to rest inside a steam chamber that lets out herbal steam from medicinal herbs, making the individual perspire profusely; this promotes cohesion between cells. The steam helps open up the very small pores of the skin thereby removing all wastes and pacifying the three doshas – Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. The selection of herbs for use in steam baths in Ayurveda depends on the constitution of the patient and the Doshas that are imbalanced. Around 20 to 30 minutes of steam bath, or as prescribed by the treating physician, helps remove toxins. This is followed by a warm shower. Food should not be taken until an hour after the procedure.

Benefits – Herbal Steam Bath is a perfect therapy for toning the skin and giving it a special glow. It helps reduce skin acne by cleansing and dilating the pores and washing out toxin accumulation. A steam bath also eliminates toxins from the body, clearing the respiratory system and has an overall calming effect that relaxes your mind. It helps to slow down the aging process and drooping of the skin by stimulating it.

There are many other benefits of the steam bath in Bangalore that include:

  • It helps improve blood circulation

  • It deep-cleanses the skin and helps in improving skin health

  • It helps provide relief from congestion in the upper respiratory system

  • It prevents mucus membranes from becoming dried up

  • It provides relief from coughing that occurs due to mucus accumulation

  • It can help in weight loss efforts as sweating helps reduce fat tissues

  • It is a helpful therapy for those who suffer from asthma and other respiratory problems

  • A steam bath can help refresh both the body and mind. It has a calming effect and helps reduce stress.

  • Nasal congestions get alleviated with a steam bath

  • It ensures relief from soreness and muscle pain that occurs after a workout

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