TheAi??Holistic Healing Science of Ayurveda!

Ayurveda started as an oral tradition some 5000 years ago in India.Ai?? This tradition was first documented in the Rig Veda.

Ayurveda ( Ayur= Life, Veda= Knowledge) is quite simply, Life Knowledge!

It aims to help us lead a life where Mind, Body and Spirit stay in a State of Balance, with each other and with the Environment.

Ayurveda believes Disease is caused when Life Balance is disturbed. Disease is expelled by the restoration of that Balance.

This holistic healing system therefore does not work on the symptoms of a disease. It goes to root causes- trying to understand whyAi?? an individual has lost physical, mental or emotional balance.

This is why in Ayurveda each person needs a different line of treatment. The cause of each person’s imbalance is unique. So, necessarily,the Ayurvedic intervention too is unique to each individual.

Ayurveda does not create dependence. Its goal is to help each person attain,Ai?? a Balanced Way of Life and the ability to correct imbalances when they occur. The way to do this is through knowledge and altered behavior.

This is why part of the Ayurvedic practitionerai??i??s healing effort is to counsel and teach the people who come to him for healing.



Ayurveda started with pure herbal preparations. Parts of trees, shrubs and plants were freshly gathered and made into simple, safe, effective remedies for illnesses. These were applied externally and ingested and used along with touch-therapies ,dietary interventions and lifestyle alterations to keep Life Balance.

Some 2500 years ago, the first of many add-ons to Ayurveda came in the form of using extracts/powders/burnt residue of metals, gems, minerals and poisons to cure chronic and difficult ailments. They could be effective, but ,unless carefully made and administered only by specially trained doctors, could harm as well.

Over the centuries, successive waves of invasions into the Indian sub continent brought new systems of belief which integrating with indigenous Ayurveda, changed it as well.

Today Kerala remains the only bastion of pure ancient Ayurveda. This is only because no one ever invaded her. Thus she preservedAi?? purely herbal Ayurveda. ThisAi?? form of Ayurveda is naturallyAi?? gentle, completely safeAi?? and has noAi?? side effects. In itsAi?? holistic purity it heals the full body-mind-spirit continuum.


Ayurveda ,Ai?? is of course widely practised in India .What is astonishing is how far it has spread around the world….

In Nepal a WHO survey highlighted the fact that 75% of the population used Ayurveda as a healing system.

Sri Lanka is another major hub for Ayurveda, with over 60 Ayurvedic hospitals and over 200 Ayurvedic clinics in the Government sector , catering to around 11% of the Sri lankan population.

In the US, Ayurveda started as a New Age alternative healing system. Today it isAi?? being seriously practised by increasing numbers of mainstream Americans. Names like Deepak Chopra and David Frawley are becoming recognized as serious proponents of Indian Ayurveda in the US.

In South Africa, imports of Ayurvedic medicine are allowed and a full degree course is being offered in Natal university

The Russian Government has recognised Panchkarma treatment as a line of treatment. The process to recognise the Kshara Sutra treatment has started as well

Ayurveda Purchase sinequan dosage is taught at the WellPark College of Natural Therapies in Auckland which is recognised by the New Zealand Government.

In Japan Ayurveda is being studied and followed for the last 3 decades.The Institute of Traditional Oriental Medicine in Tokyo teaches Ayurveda with a special course on panchkarma

In Florence, Italy, the Instituto Italiano de Ayurveda conducts a 3 years course of Ayurveda with over 400 hours of lectures.

In Hungary Ayurveda is an official and accepted system of medicine and is an obligatory subject for a post-graduate degree course since 1997.

The Government Unani and Ayurvedic college in Bangladesh ( affiliated to the University of Dhaka) runs a 5.5 year degree course in Ayurveda.

The list goes on……in Greece and Israel and Australia and….


After spending 20 years in India studying Ayurvedic plastic surgery methods, Joseph Constantine Carpue in 1815 performed the first major reconstructive surgery naming it the ai???Indianai??i?? method of nose reconstruction.

Ayurveda is the earliest school of medicine known to mankind. Read more about this in Wikipedia

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