Ayurveda sees Beauty as a mirror to your physical, mental and spiritual wellness.

At Ayurveda Gram as long as no health issues challenge you, we encourage you to care for the beauty you are born with through The Beauty Arc.

This 10 day program offers traditional herbal beauty treatments, some of which were once the preserve of Kerala’s Royal Families. The aim is to rejuvenate tired skin and hair through special cleansing and Ayurvedic beauty rituals.

To experience an example of Ayurvedic beauty rituals read about the Feel Like a Queen Package

The Beauty Arc starts with an individual assessment of beauty needs by the Ayurvedic physician in charge of this program. At the end of the program there will be an exit evaluation.

Every day in the Beauty Treatment Room you will experience 2 refreshing Ayurvedic Beauty Treatments. You will also calm through meditation, pranayama and Shanti Yoga, the gentle Yoga exercises practiced at the ‘gram.

Home care practices are also taught. These include exercises, diet and simple Ayurvedic beauty care. Advice is given on nutrition and sleep patterns and a simple daily care routine set. This enables the guest to maintain the level reached at the ‘gram.


Till the end of June, you will come for the full 10 day program but pay for only 9 days. A free treatment everyday : In addition every day, for half an hour you will enjoy a free soothing treatment using a specially made Ayurvedic pour, on either your feet%

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