Lotus – the Cool Flower!

Lotus – the Cool Flower!

Lotus – The Cool Flower

Lotus is an aquatic plant that is usually found in lakes, ponds and rivers. It has physical healing properties and great spiritual symbolism. It has cooling properties i.e., it alleviates pitta and almost all parts of this plant – the flowers, leaves, seeds, stem and roots – are used for various purposes. The lotus flower has a lot of spiritual significance.

Medicinal values and health benefits of lotus flower are many. Lotus flower is used to improve both the texture and condition of skin of the face. Tea brewed from the lotus flower can be used to treat acid reflux and gastric ulcers. Oil can be extracted from the lotus flower that might be effective in preventing gray hair. Its leaves helps weight loss by increasing metabolism. Lotus stems and roots are energy boosters and can protect the heart. Extracts of lotus plant are used to cure diarrhoea. The seeds have rejuvenating properties and helps maintaining heart health and the reproductive system. Lotus plant and seeds are also used in cooking.

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