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Since inception. AyurvedaGram - the Heart of Healing - has become internationally reputed and the most awarded Ayurvedic center for authentic Ayurveda treatments and long term rejuvenation programs. A per-fect blend of time-honored diagnostic methods including pulse diagnosis. conventional therapies and effec-tive herbal medicines from Kerala Ayurveda Limited (KAU, customized Yoga. Pranayama and Meditation and balanced vegetarian diet as per the classical Ayurveda scriptures is the core program at AyurvedaGram. We at Ayurvedagram. emphasize on a body, disciplined by Yoga and nurtured by Ayurveda. Our focus in this mis-sion has made us the most awarded and competent in presenting you with a complete solution from these ancient and time tested science.

Ayurveda offers an excellent solution in revamping our weakened immune system by periodically aiding the body in cleansing the accumulated impurities and replacing the old and worn out tissues and cells with new ones. Authentic Ayurvedic therapies like Dhaara, Kizhi, Abyangam, etc using medicated oil, herbs and pow-ders which are detoxifying, immune boosting and rejuvenating. Medicines like Indukantham Kashayam, Imugest tablets, Drakshadi Kashaayam used in the right combination of external therapies as suited for your body will shore up the immune cells in its optimal function.

Yoga at AyurvedaGram is an integral part of the healing we deliv-er. Through asanas, healing through breath: pranayama, and medi-tation, sometimes simple duties (karma yoga) and Yoga philosophy our Yoga Acharyas complement the Ayurvedic interventions of the Vaids.Here at Ayurvedagram, Yoga supplies the method by which the Self can be seen, loved and served. Here the Yoga will r ng about integral development by developing the head, heart nd hand harmoniously and leading you to perfection.

Our culinary experience based on Satvic Bhojana which nourishes Prana, is wholesome and promises to be divine and spiritual. The entire experience gives you the subtle nourishment for vitality and consciousness.

Our natural immune defense mechanism is constantly compromised over exposure to the pollution around us, the chemicals used as coloring agents, additives and preservatives in the processed foods, juices and beverages, the physical and emotional stress levels that we go through. We are often baffled by repeated upper respiratory illnesses like flu, cough, sinusitis; gastro intestinal disorders like intermittent stomach upsets, abdominal colic; minor infections of the eyes and ears, etc. Seldom do we realize that most of these discomforts are caused by invasion of the body by microbial patho-gens from outside. A weak immune system is easy to be breached by any pathogen - fungus, protozoa, bacteria or virus - ultimately leading to complications that can result in varying degrees of confinement.

At AyurvedaGram we offer traditional Ayurvedic therapies in our Immunity Package, as prescribed by your consultant physician and suited for your body type that would help in maintaining your immune mechanism at a high alert.



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